Visa Request Form
Rules Filling Rules Filling

 Requestor's email(*) Requestor
 Consular post(*)
1. Surname(s)(*)
2. Surname(s) at birth (*) Surname(s) at birth
3. First name (*)
4. Date of birth(yyyy/mm/dd)(*) calendar 5. Place of birth(*)
6. Country of birth(*)
7. Current nationality(*)
 Original nationality(*)
8. Sex (*)     9. Marital status (*)    
10. In the case of minors: Surname, first name, address (if different from apllicant's) and nationality of parental authority/legal guardian
Surname(s): Name
11. ID-number
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Travel Document
12. Type of passport(*)
13. Passport number(*) 14. Date of Issue(yyyy/mm/dd)(*) calendar
15. Valid until(yyyy/mm/dd)(*) calendar
16. Issued by(*)
17. Address (*)  Phone Number (*)
Return Authorization
18. If you reside in a country other than your country of origin, have you permission to return to that country?(*)
a. Residence title nº b. Validity end(yyyy/mm/dd) calendar For life
c. Return visa nº (Not for Saudi Arabia) d. Validity end(yyyy/mm/dd) calendar
19. Current ocupation(*)
20. Employer's name. Students: teaching establishment
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21. Purpose of travel(*) (1)

22. Member State of Destination(*)
23. Border of first entrance or transit route(*)
24. Number of entries requested(*) 25. Duration of stay (days)(*)
26. Schengen visas issued during the past 3 years
     Visa Start Date End Date
27. Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa
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 28. Entry permit for the final country of destination, where apllicable
In the case of transit, have you an entry permit for the final country of destination?(*)      Valid until(yyyy/mm/dd)    
 Issuing entity    
29. Date of Arrival(yyyy/mm/dd)(*) Date of Arrival(yyyy/mm/dd) calendar 30. Date of Departure(yyyy/mm/dd)(*) Date of Departure(yyyy/mm/dd)
Reference in the National Territory:
31. Name and Surname(s) Person(s) that invites in Member(s) State(s) or, alternatively,
the name(s) hotel (or temporary accommodation in the Member(s) State(s))
 Name(*)  Phone/Fax
 Address(*)  Email
32. Name and surname Company / Organization invites
 Name(*)  Phone/Fax
 Address(*)  Email
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33. Travel expenses and subsistence during the stay of the applicant are covered


34. Personal Data of the Family who is a citizen of the EU, EEA or CH
 Surname of the EE citizen from who you depend  Name of the EE citizen from who you depend
 Birth date of the EE citizen from who you depend(yyyy/mm/dd) calendar  Nationality of the EE citizen from who you depend
 Passport number of the EE citizen from who you depend
35. Family relationship with na EU, EEA or CH citizen     
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Date       Period (hours)
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The data collected is confidential and intended solely to be handled by the Directorate General for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities in the framework of its duties regarding visas. The correction of the data sent can be requested from the correspondent consular post or by sending a new visa application.

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